Japan announces plans to develop a new supercomputer that can handle quantum computing

Japan announces plans to develop a new supercomputer that can handle quantum computing

Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 18, 2019: Japan is poised to take the first step toward building a quantum computer with the goal of solving some of the biggest problems in the fields of information and communications technology, including the search for extraterrestrial life.

A team of scientists from the Japanese Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST) is leading a project to design and build a quantum computing machine that could compete with the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

The goal is to build a machine that can perform the calculations required to solve a large number of scientific problems.

Achieving this goal, however, requires solving some difficult mathematical problems, which can be difficult for most supercomputing systems.

A new paper by researchers at KAIST and other universities says the aim is to develop an “accelerated quantum computer” that can solve problems in quantum computing, such as quantum gravity and quantum information.

A quantum computer can be thought of as a supercomputer capable of performing calculations in the quantum realm, but it has never been used to solve real-world problems.

Researchers at KAKIST, the Japanese Academy of Sciences’ Center for Quantum Computing, are leading the effort to build the machine.

They say they have been developing the machine since last year.

The researchers say the quantum machine could be used to simulate many different kinds of quantum phenomena.

For example, it could be capable of simulating the effects of quantum entanglement, a phenomenon in which quantum bits are entangled with each other.

In quantum gravity, quantum bits can be used for measurement of distance between objects, which may explain the phenomenon of gravity in objects with mass.

In the same way, in quantum information, quantum particles are used for communication between quantum computers.

In the future, quantum computing could provide solutions to more difficult problems.

The Japanese government recently announced plans to establish a quantum communications network in 2020.

It will use a quantum communication network called a quantum link.

This could allow for faster data transmission and access to internet services, while also providing researchers with a secure platform to build quantum computers, according to the government.

Researchers said the goal is not to develop quantum computers to solve problems, but to build systems that could solve problems for the scientific community.

The KAKIS project is part of a broader effort to explore quantum computing in the 2020s, said Yoshihide Suga, a physicist and director of the Center for Information Technology and Society at KAFI, an institute that is part-owned by KAIS.

The project is the first of its kind in Japan, said Suga.

The KAK IST project is expected to last for four years, with a target of completing it in 2023.

The scientists said the new supercomputation would be capable enough to solve complex problems in all the areas of science and technology, from the search of extraterrestrial civilizations to the study of quantum gravity.


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