Why are there so many tragic events in the United States?

Why are there so many tragic events in the United States?

We know that the US is the most populated country in the world, but it turns out that there are a number of things that are killing us.

Here are the top 10.


Global warming 2.

The pandemic 3.

The drought 4.

The coronavirus 5.

The plague 6.

The Zika virus 7.

Hurricane Harvey 8.

The Great Depression 9.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita 10.

Hurricanes Irene and Matthew 1.

A pandemic is an event in which the world is facing extreme or exceptional circumstances.

It’s the result of a large and fast-moving event.

The last major pandemic in the US was 1918.2.

The flu killed almost half of all Americans in 1919.3.

The Ebola virus has killed more than 2 million people worldwide in less than a decade.4.

The heatwave of 2014 and the devastating wildfires that swept through much of California last year killed more people than were killed in the 1918 pandemic.5.

The hurricane Harvey has killed 1,100 people in Texas and Louisiana and caused over $100 billion in damage.6.

Hurricane Matthew has killed over 100 people and caused a loss of more than $2 billion in property damage in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.7.

The wildfires in Texas have burned more than 7,000 square miles of land, causing $3 billion in damages.8.

Hurricane Irma caused major damage to homes and business in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the United Arab Emirates.9.

The earthquakes that struck Haiti and the US Virgin Islands in 2018 and the tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011 have cost over $500 billion.10.

The tornado that struck Oklahoma City in 2017 has killed 17 people.


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