‘Tunguski’ event: Apple today celebrates its 20th anniversary

‘Tunguski’ event: Apple today celebrates its 20th anniversary

A decade after the Tungusky disaster that devastated the Soviet Union, Apple has announced a new anniversary event: Today is the 20th year anniversary of the Tsunguski meteorite explosion.

The event, which begins today, will include an Apple event to celebrate the milestone and a special presentation by CEO Tim Cook.

Tungesky’s impactOn October 1, 1917, a meteorite that struck a Soviet cargo ship exploded on the ocean floor, destroying most of the city of Tungushka.

Three days later, a third meteorite struck nearby.

The fragments were scattered over an area of 10,000 square kilometers (4,200 square miles).

The impact sent a wave of ash and dust across the city, which remained for six days.

The ash and debris washed away buildings and roads.

The Tungska crater was created when a meteoroid struck the surface of the crater.

Tungshik is a village on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, about 130 kilometers (75 miles) west of Tokyo.

Tsungusks impactA meteorite falls from the sky after it hit a Soviet military vessel on October 1.

(Photo: AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)Today’s event is the first in the Tsenokki event series, which was launched in 2017.

The goal is to commemorate the 20 years since the Tshuskin meteorite exploded and the destruction of the USSR.

The event is open to all people.

It is free and open to the public, and participants are invited to come along.

Apple is sponsoring the event, and it will be broadcast on Apple News, Apple TV, Apple Music and other platforms.

The company is holding a series of live events in Japan, including one in December that will feature an announcement of a new Apple product, Apple Watch.

The Tsungshik event is part of a broader effort to commemorate Tsungs 20th birthday and to make sure people remember the history of the Soviet state.

In the late 1970s, Soviet scientists, engineers and workers organized a huge cleanup effort in Tsungushka, a village near the Russian border.

The effort involved an estimated 1,500 workers, including more than a dozen top scientists.

The cleanup included the demolition of dozens of buildings and the removal of over 200 tons of debris.

The Soviets also created a memorial to commemorate its history.

On October 6, Tsungoshki, the 20-year anniversary of Tsung’s blast, was officially marked.

In a ceremony that lasted for nearly two hours, officials and Tsungishki residents honored Tsung with a large flag, a plaque and a monument to commemorate his impact.


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