When Bernie Sanders rallies have been a nightmare for organizers and protesters alike, he has made them a bit easier to navigate

When Bernie Sanders rallies have been a nightmare for organizers and protesters alike, he has made them a bit easier to navigate

At first glance, the schedule for Sanders’ planned visit to Nashville seems like a no-brainer: rally on Sunday in Nashville at the State Capitol; a stop at a Democratic Congressional Committee (DCCC) event on Monday; a rally on Tuesday in Nashville.

The first of those is an important one, given that Sanders will be in Nashville for two days of town hall meetings, where he’ll answer questions about the economic, political, and social issues that are shaping the national conversation.

But there are a couple of things that are a bit of a stretch.

First, Sanders is not expected to be there for the town hall, a rare event in which the Democratic presidential candidate would speak to a group of people from the public.

The event is also set to take place in a time when, in many parts of the country, the state Capitol is closed to the public, so Sanders’ rally could potentially draw protesters who have already showed up in force to voice their concerns about Trump and the GOP.

Instead, the rally is scheduled to take the form of a “live” town hall meeting, with attendees invited to ask questions about Sanders and the issues that matter to them.

So while the event will certainly be an important event, the actual questions asked are likely to be quite different from those asked during town hall.

The rally, by contrast, will likely focus on topics that are more easily accessible to the general public, like his proposed Medicare for All single-payer health care plan, or his plan to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

For those of us who live in Nashville, there are certainly ways to get involved in the town halls and events that Sanders does.

But this is probably the first time we’ve seen a Sanders rally set up as a live event.

And while Sanders has a history of doing live events, we can’t say that this will be any different.

First of all, the Vermont senator has a habit of holding a rally at the same time as the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, where his campaign is slated to hold its convention.

Secondly, the town Hall event itself is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Sanders will likely be in town in Nashville until around 9:00 p.m., and his rally is likely to take up much of the evening.

The fact that Sanders is in Nashville on the same day as the Republican National Convention, where the two candidates will meet for a two-day general election debate and debate on Thursday, may also play a role in Sanders’ reluctance to host a live town hall event.

Still, if Sanders wants to use his event as a chance to promote his plan for Medicare for all and a massive tax increase on the wealthy, it’s a good idea.

“There is no question that this is going to be a massive event,” says Alex Lantos, the deputy director of the liberal think tank the Roosevelt Institute.

“The question is, will it be able to get a broad, well-informed audience?

Will it get people in the door and engage with the candidates, and if so, how do you get them to talk to each other?”

The question is a little more complicated when you look at what the event is supposed to be about, but Lantys hopes that it will be a useful tool for Sanders.

“I think that we’re seeing a shift in the way that the Sanders campaign is getting into the political process,” he says.

“He is doing it on a national level.

He is doing that with a political strategy.

But I think that the reason he has so many events on Saturday and Sunday is because he has a real political plan that is very, very clear and that people can get into and understand.”

There’s also a very clear distinction between the townhall event and other events that have been scheduled for Sanders, such as his campaign rally on Thursday in Nashville and a planned rally on Saturday in Phoenix.

At those events, the candidates are typically joined by more than a dozen other political leaders, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is hosting a town hall in Phoenix, Arizona.

“It’s the only rally where we’re getting more than half a dozen leaders from the campaign,” says Lantas.

“So the question is how can we create a space for people to come and ask questions, to ask what they’re interested in hearing, to learn about policy, and to hear about what it’s like to live in this country.

The Sanders event in Nashville is also a sign that the campaign is moving in that direction.

Sanders is also making it easier for people in Nashville to attend, by scheduling it so that it’s easy for them to get in.

The town hall will be held at the state capitol building, and the event itself will take place on Monday.

The organizers are also encouraging attendees to arrive early, and not arrive before 5:00


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