5 Things You Need To Know About The 2018-2019 Extinction Event

5 Things You Need To Know About The 2018-2019 Extinction Event

An event that began in Africa and then spread to the rest of the world is called a mass extinction.

Here are five things you need to know about the 2018-19 event.


It’s not a new event, but there are a lot of different ways to describe it.

There’s the classic, “a natural disaster with global scale,” but there’s also “a mass extinction,” which means that it happens more often than people think.

For the most part, these events don’t happen in a vacuum, and the most popular way to describe them is as a “natural disaster.”2.

The big question remains: What caused this mass extinction?

While the cause is still a mystery, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it was a result of human activity.

Many people believe that climate change has been the main culprit, and this may be a contributing factor.

In the case of the Great Dying, it was likely caused by the burning of forests.3.

While there are other natural disasters that affect human lives, these are the ones that are the most widely considered to be caused by humans.

The two most common types of natural disasters are floods and droughts.

Floods are caused by strong rains, which can push out and submerge large swaths of land, creating a huge hole in the ground.

These types of disasters are common and are caused most commonly by flooding.

The most common type of drought, called “extreme droughting,” involves large droughthesia, or heavy rainfall.

The amount of rain that falls is so large that it can cause landslides or flooding.

In both cases, it’s a risk we’re all familiar with.4.

Some people think the main reason this event happened was caused by human activity: the climate change hypothesis.

This may not be true, however, since it’s possible humans were simply driving themselves crazy by living in cities.

There is also some evidence to indicate that the event was caused mainly by a combination of natural and human-induced factors.5.

There have been a few mass extinctions, and they’ve all happened in Africa.

But, like most events, this one is unique.

The event is considered the world’s deadliest, but because it happened in North America, there have been only about 10 mass extictions.

The only other ones were the Great Depression and the mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs.

This mass extinction is unique in that it’s caused by a natural disaster.

Here’s what you need the experts to know:1.

It was a natural event.

This is one of the biggest questions surrounding the event: What triggered the event?

The cause remains a mystery.

People have speculated that it was the global warming that was pushing more CO2 into the atmosphere, but it’s not clear how this would have affected the climate.

The mass extinction event itself is a mystery as well.

What happened to the creatures that died during the event and then moved onto the other continents?

The only thing scientists know for sure is that this was a mass mass extinction and that its survivors were able to continue living.2.

It lasted a long time.

The extinction event was not as bad as some people think, but in fact, it lasted for at least 10,000 years.

This means that the total extinction lasted about 10 times longer than the extinction of a single species.

It is also not known how the mass extinction affected the global climate.3,4.

It wasn’t a natural extinction, either.

It happened in a part of the Earth that had not seen the full extent of climate change.

Scientists don’t think the climate is changing because of humans.

There was nothing that caused the mass event to happen, and there’s no evidence that it impacted the global environment.5,6.

This event is rare.

The Great Dying was the most devastating natural disaster ever to occur on Earth.

There are currently around 50 species of plants and animals that were wiped out during the Great Deed.

There were a few other events that were much more catastrophic, including the mass destruction of an entire continent.


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