How to watch the BDO Event: Black Tie at the Black Stone Event, with the Black Tunguskas

How to watch the BDO Event: Black Tie at the Black Stone Event, with the Black Tunguskas

On February 10, BDO Presents The Black Tsungas is hosting its 21st Black Tie Event in Los Angeles, California.

The event, which takes place over two nights, will feature the debut of the world’s first full-length live performance of the new opera from composer Tungyung Wong, the Black Tongue.

The event will feature performances by some of the most accomplished composers in the history of the BSO, including Beryl Roddick, who was commissioned to compose a symphony in the 1960s; John Gielgud, who won a Grammy Award for his solo work in the late 1960s and ’70s; and Michael Lonsdale, who is currently conducting the opera in the U.K. with the Royal Opera House.

The BDO will also present a special performance of The Black Tongues version of The Tribute, featuring a performance by David Foster Wallace.

On Sunday, the event will also feature performances from a full cast of guests, including composer and conductor Daniela Jorquez, conductor and violinist Peter Grieve, conductor Christopher Strouse, conductor Chris Tompkins, and pianist Terence Hinton.

The BDO and The Black Tie Association, which was founded in 1879, have partnered to create a symphonic musical that celebrates the history and traditions of BDO.

This is a symposium of music and music history, not a performance, said Tungu Heng, the executive director of The Bdo Foundation, which organized the event.

This is the first time that BDO has presented a full symphony from a composer whose work is not in a symple.

I have never heard anything like it, said Heng.

This event, at the Bodo Festival Center, will be a unique opportunity for audiences to experience the rich history and legacy of BSO composer Tsunguska as he performs his music.

Tsunguski, a song of the Tibetan Buddhist monk Gyaltsen, is the story of an Asian refugee in the 1890s who becomes an Asian composer and teacher.

In 1959, Gyalsen wrote a piece called The Tsungs and the Tsunges, which he composed for his native Tibet, and he became a national hero in China.

Gyalson, who died in 2010, was a Tibetan Buddhist, a religious leader who was revered in China and Tibet.

His works are celebrated in many Asian languages, and some have become classics.

The performance will be held at The Black Stone Theater on Saturday, February 11, 2019.

Tickets are on sale now.


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