Which events are on tap in the UK this week?

Which events are on tap in the UK this week?

Events are starting to pop up across the country this week, with some of the most important ones starting to get announced and being rolled out. 

In this article, we take a look at some of them.

There are already a few events happening this week. 

The first one is Fathom Events which is being held at The Royal Albert Hall and will have some of today’s biggest live bands. 

It is being promoted by the Royal Opera House as an ‘unconventional musical experience’. 

The venue is located on the outskirts of central London, and there will be free tickets for those who can’t make it to the event. 

Tickets will cost £39.50 ($49.50) and there are two days in which the event will run. 

There will also be an ‘experience’ on the night which will be ‘part musical, part theatre’. 

Tickets are available now at Tickets to experience this event go on sale on Monday January 23 at 8am GMT (9am UK time). 

You can also buy a ticket here and pick up your tickets in person from The Royal Opera Hall, London.

The next big event is Ballybunion which will feature the world famous Irish band Beady Eye, as well as local bands and the local Irish community. 

They will perform on Sunday February 11 at 8pm BST, but you can purchase tickets online here. 

And finally, there will also Beacon of Hope which will feature an Irish festival in conjunction with the UK’s national Irish Language Day. 

On Saturday, February 13, Beacons will be held across the UK for the first time. 

Ticket prices start at £30 for adults and £17 for children. 

For those who want to join the fun, there are two day passes which are available to buy for £25 each. 

If you want to book your tickets online, you can do so here.

Here are some more details on the other major events happening across the British Isles this week:The first major music event of the week is Beach Fossils featuring The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Futurama producer Simon Pegg. 

You need to book a seat in advance at the festival on Sunday January 27. 

More info here Beers are still on sale in KFC, the Kilmarnock Brewery and the Belfast Beer Company. 

KILMARNOCK BREWING BEER STORE The Kilmarnocks Brewery has been busy with their new Strictly 20 year Anniversary Ale, which will have a 20% alcohol content and a whopping 25% ABV. 

Available at KFC and the Kilmars, the Striker is a beer with an intense maltiness and floral character, and is a real treat for anyone who enjoys the crisp flavours of Scotch. 

Here’s the description of the BELTBREWERS SOUPS available at KFI on Monday January 24. 

We re excited to be adding the BLOODSIDE beer to our Struggle sours, with the Bloodsiders Sours being a classic American sours style, with a mild sweetness with a hint of grapefruit and a light body. 

SOUR IS COMING At Kennystone Brewery, they are also sipping Kisses, a beer brewed with bitter, cider, honey and spices. 

So, it’s a new tasting experience with a light sweetness and the bitterest of ciders. AVAILABLE  Cider FARMERS The Ciders farm is open for business in Belfast. Cocktails at their Cork Street Market will be £4.99 per bottle, while soda tasters will have to pay £2.50 per bottle for a pint. 

This is available from Tuesday January 25 at 7am on the market and will run until Tuesday January 26 at 8.30am. 

STUFF Liquor Cities are experiencing a surge in craft beer and cider sales in the UK. 

 More than 6,000 locally owned pubs are currently selling craft beer, most of which are located in Belfast.

 They are also seeing increases in sales of cider, particularly cork. 

Purchasing craft beer is a good way of supporting local businesses.


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