How to make sure you’re covered by the ‘dangers’ of the job interview

How to make sure you’re covered by the ‘dangers’ of the job interview

If you’ve spent any time at a job interview this year, chances are you’ve been asked the question: “What are your expectations for your interview?”

Or, “Are you looking for a promotion or a raise?”

If you answered yes to either, you may have had your expectations shattered by an agent who is going to ask you to go through a series of tough questions.

How to prepare for your job interview with these 5 tipsYou can prepare for an interview with an agent by listening to their story and answering questions about yourself and your experience.


Know Your Job Interviewers’ Story.

Your job interviewers will want to know who you are, what you do, and what you’re interested in doing.

You’ll want to understand how you fit into their team, and how you’d be able to get them to do what they want.

If you don’t understand this story, ask them questions to get their perspective.


Ask Questions to Understand Your Career.

Your interviewer is looking for someone who is interested in you, but they may not know you well enough to ask specific questions.

You should be able, with a few minutes, to answer a few questions to find out what they’re interested.

For example, ask your interviewer if you’re familiar with the job you’re applying for.

This will help you determine if they’re comfortable asking specific questions to your resume, and if they need any additional information.


Make an Offer.

If your interviewer asks you to do some kind of job, such as work for a client, ask if you can accept the offer.

If not, ask the question about what you would like to do and how it might benefit you.


Take the Interview.

You can’t go through an interview without talking to the person asking you questions.

Make sure you are comfortable talking to your interviewer about the interview, and that you’re willing to make some compromises for the right opportunity.


Ask for an Answer.

If the interviewer is interested, ask to hear the other side of the story.

You might be asked to explain how the interview went, or if you have a specific request that needs to be addressed.

You may also be asked a question that might come up in the future, such a job-related issue.

To get the most out of your interview, it’s important to make an informed decision.

Make a list of questions to ask your agent about you and your experiences.

Keep a journal of what you ask, and keep it updated as the interview approaches.


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