Super Spreader: An Airborne Radar Battle to Deter US Navy from Attack

Super Spreader: An Airborne Radar Battle to Deter US Navy from Attack

An airborne radar battle will be played out in the Atlantic to help detect enemy naval activity and to stop a potential US attack.

The US Navy’s super spreader is a massive surface-to-air missile system that can be deployed from submarines, bombers and helicopters.

The system can track and track enemies moving through the air.

It is designed to detect, track and destroy threats before they strike.

The U.S. has deployed the radar to fight North Korea in the Pacific, as well as in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

The system has become the most advanced military missile system ever deployed by the US.

The Airborne Electronic Counter Measures (AECM) system is able to detect the movements of aircraft, cruise missiles and other threats as well.

It also provides accurate, live imagery to allow commanders to spot any threat before it strikes.

The AECM system has the ability to track a range of threats including aircraft, missiles and cruise missiles, according to Navy Capt. Christopher Tummers, a senior military technology analyst.

The Super Spreaders’ sensors are capable of measuring a range from 500 feet to 50 miles and can track up to eight aircraft at a time, he said.

“The system tracks a range up to a range 200 miles,” Tumbers said.

“It can track aircraft, aircraft cruise missiles as well.”

Tummers said the system is a direct threat detection capability and is able “to track a wide range of aircraft.”

The system was originally developed in the 1980s, he added.

“This capability allows us to target the aircraft, missile and cruise missile, and provide us with accurate information to our commanders,” Tums said.


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