How to identify a crime scene event definition

How to identify a crime scene event definition

The crime scene definition (CSS) is a tool to help you identify a potential crime scene.

The CSS allows you to:A crime scene is a spot where evidence is found and where evidence may be collected.

It is typically a small area or location, usually where a crime was committed, and often has no apparent physical entry.

The crime scene has several characteristics that can help you find clues to identify where the crime may have occurred.1.

A crime scene must have at least one entry2.

There must be evidence collected3.

The location must have a reasonable likelihood of being identified as the crime scene4.

Evidence may be gathered in the same place where the murder took place5.

It must be clear that the victim is deceased6.

Evidence collected must have been tampered with.7.

There is a minimum of two witnesses.

The CSS can be used to help identify:A.

Where evidence may have been collected1.

The crime may be committed in a private residence2.

The person who collected evidence may not have been identified3.

Evidence that may be in the home of a witness or suspect4.

The home of the victim5.

Evidence gathered may be altered, discarded, destroyed or disposed of6.

The police may have used a false identity or false address.7


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