Which of the Apple devices you can buy?

Which of the Apple devices you can buy?

Apple has revealed the top-selling iPhone, iPad and Mac computers for the first time, with the iPad Pro launching at No.1.

The iPad Air 2, launched at No 5, was the best selling iPad with 8.5 million sales, the company says.

The company also announced that the iPad Air is available on its website, and that the tablet will be available at Best Buy and select Apple retail stores in the US from Wednesday.

The Mac Pro, launched last month at No 6, is the best-selling Mac computer, with 1.6 million sales.

The new Mac Pro will launch in November.

Apple said the iPad is the fastest-selling mobile device in history.

Its Mac Pro sold more than 100 million units in less than three years. 

Apple said the Mac Pro was the world’s fastest-growing mobile device ever, beating out the iPad, Mac Pro and Surface Pro, which sold between 150 million and 150 million units. 

The company said the iPhone X sold more iPhones in a day than the entire global economy, beating last year’s record of the world economy.

The iPhone X topped the sales charts on the New York Stock Exchange for the second straight day. 

A total of 1.3 million Macs were sold worldwide during the quarter, up from 975,000 last year.

The US has the highest share of Mac sales with over 90 percent of the devices sold. 

Meanwhile, Apple also announced its latest earnings, with earnings for the period ending September 30.

The stock is up 0.7 percent on the year so far. 

For the quarter ending September 29, Apple said iPhone sales were up 18.4 percent compared to the same quarter last year, while the iPad business was up 25.7%. 

On the Mac side, the iPhone and iPad Pro were up 15.4 and 20 percent, respectively. 

Overall, Apple reported revenue of $5.76 billion, up 16 percent from a year earlier, and profits of $12.3 billion.


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