2K and Apple have a deal, but it could be too good to be true

2K and Apple have a deal, but it could be too good to be true

Apple has signed a deal to partner with 2K Sports and MLB Advanced Media, according to a source familiar with the deal.

The deal, which is expected to close later this year, could give Apple an exclusive rights deal with two of the most successful sports brands in sports media.

Apple will get a percentage of the profits from the sale of the two sports rights companies.

It’s unclear if the deal will result in the two companies working together, or whether Apple will be responsible for both sides of the deal or just one of them.2K Sports was founded by former NBA star Kevin Garnett and is the largest independent sports content company.

The company owns NBA TV and its NBA TV app.2k has a long history of sports-focused content, which includes ESPN’s “Kung Fu Panda 3” movie and the MLB.com app.

MLB.tv is the third-most-streamed sports network on Apple devices, with 2k sports fans spending an average of more than $5,000 a year on subscriptions.

Apple has partnered with 2nd Screen, which offers a similar platform to MLB.TV, in the past.

2k and MLB.

TV are the same company, though MLB.tv is the smaller of the 2K/MLB.tv partners.

The two sports companies already had a partnership on their sports apps.

2K had a major deal with Apple last year to bring its sports apps to Apple’s iOS platform.

2ndscreen has also recently announced a new deal with ESPN that includes a new MLB.to app and MLB TV Everywhere, both of which are available to iOS users.2ndscreen and 2K are also teaming up with Fox Sports to bring live video to MLB, MLB.co.com and MLB Mobile.2 Sports is owned by 2K Games, which was founded in 2012.

The games studio is currently working on the upcoming MLB 2K16.

The new agreement will make it easier for Apple to offer sports content to more than 100 million iOS users, a source close to the deal told The Associated Press.

2-K Sports’ sports apps will be available in the next two weeks, with MLB.

Mobile and 2-k games available by the end of the year.


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